The Benefits Of A Sensuously Healing Yoni Egg Or Yoni Wand | Why Invest In Natural Quartz Crystal Sexual Health and Healing?

Healing oni Eggs and Wands

Yoni Crystal Eggs and Yoni Crystal Wands are designed to facilitate the opening of energy channels in the body and remove negative blockages. Allowing for the freeflow of sexual energy.

“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means “sacred space.” Often used in eastern cultures and Taoist tradition when referring to the vagina, Its symbol has been worshiped since ancient times for bestowing life, creativity and love. For over 5000 years Yoni Eggs and Wands have encouraged sexual healing and enhanced sexual performance, by not only strengthening the vaginal muscles, but by enabling more moisture as well as producing stronger orgasms

What Are Yoni Eggs and Wands?

The Yoni Egg, Love Egg or Jade Egg – are names for a selection of beautiful semi precious, natural quartz crystal stones, or shaped healing tools more often than not carved into an egg or phallic wand shape and highly polished to be worn inside the vagina. It is estimated that Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used Yoni eggs carved out of jade, utilising them to access their sexual power, awaken their sensuality and maintain amazing health into their old age. Up until recently, this ancient, secret practice was only available to members of the royal family, and to select Taoist practitioners.

The Benefits Of Practising Yoni Healing On a Regular Basis

Practicing with a Yoni Egg not only helps tighten the vaginal walls; it also awakens the tissues, organs, and muscles, promotes new nerve growth, and increases overall sensitivity. Allowing you to experience pleasure you didn’t even know was possible.

Many women in our culture have trouble experiencing orgasms. The main reason for this is the mind and body disconnection. Due to external influences such as life in general, childbirth, trauma, negative emotions stored in the tissue and simple lack of self care and attention, many women’s genitals become numb, weak and dry, in effect, they beome detached from us.

The sexual organs of most women really need some loving attention!

When you practice with a Yoni Egg or a Yoni Pleasure Wand you engage the muscles of the vagina and the pelvic floor, bringing awareness to your sexual organs. Your brain starts to create new neural connections correlated with these areas of the body. New nerve endings form directly in the tissue, which in turn increases sensitivity. Regular practice Yoni Eggs or Pleasure Wands

  •  Enables you to gain control over the vaginal muscles, thus increasing your  libido and awakening your sensuality.
  • Increases natural lubrication, even after menopause, they also help to balance estrogen levels.
  • Promotes an easier childbirth with less tearing of the tissue. If you have already given birth, this practice will help repair damaged nerve endings and speed your body’s recovery.
  • Strengthens your pelvic floor to help with incontinence and prevent prolapse in the future.
  • Reduces PMS, menstrual cramps and the duration of your menses. Improving overall health and well-being.
  • Yoni Eggs and Pleasure Wands are a must for serious Tantra, Qigong, and Yoga practitioners.

It goes without saying that, the more you train a muscle, the more nerve endings it develops. Guess what this means for your sensuality and sex life? But Yoni Eggs and Pleasure Wands do more than that. Ultimately, they are healing crystals that go beyond the physical. Using them with intention can provide spiritual healing as well, which can only add to your divine power of femininity

Channelling Your Feminine Energy

I suggest you channel an intention into the crystal before each use. The intention can be as simple as slowing down, breathing, being present, sending more self-love into your being, connecting to your true desire, compassion, forgiveness, worthiness, abundance – whatever you are seeking – for yourself, your relationship, your partner, or someone who is in need of love, or healing support.

In this you can dedicate your self pleasure to someone else’s healing. Now that is what you call giving! 

How Do I Choose My Yoni Egg or Yoni Pleasure Wand?

Yoni Crystals can be picked according to your zodiac, a certain chakra you may want to align, health issues you are looking to heal, or by whatever your current mood may be. The Glass Dildo highlights the healing benefits of each Natural Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg Or Yoni Wand in our collelcion in order to ensure to make the right decision.

Using My Crystal Healing Tool

Simple kegel exercises are the foundation of the Yoni Egg practice. Doing kegels is already great. Doing them with a Yoni Egg is like doing curls with a dumbbell instead of just flexing your biceps. As you become more advanced, you can learn to manipulate the egg by moving different muscle groups inside your yoni! A Practice usually referred to as Pompoir or “Vaginal Kung Fu.”

Taking Care Of My Crystal Healing Tool

When you receive your item, I suggest sterilising it with hot water (not boiling) and chemical free soap (or vinegar) first to clean off any bacteria. Do not place your cold item in boiling water as it will crack. Allow it to warm to room temperature first.

I also suggest energetically cleansing the wand in the ocean, under a full moon, or in some sea salt and water at home. This washes the energy off the wand from the manufacturer. Resetting the crystal and infusing YOUR energy into it is always a good idea.

After each use wash with soap and warm water, and leave in a sacred space in your room.