The Benefits Of A Gorgeous Glass Sex Toy

Glass sex toys are extremely beautiful to look at whilst being simultaneously functional in design, it’s clear to see why many would enjoy the eroticism of this pleasurable combination. Discreet, aesthetically pleasurable as well as physically satisfying. What's not to like?

Becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reason, crystal sex toys really are something to shout about. Featured on The Hotbed by The Hot Bed Collective, in Hustler, Penthouse, HBO’s Real Sex, KFS.TV and Play TV’s Sexcetera, it seems the desirability of Glass Dildo’s is on the rise. Not only are they beautifully designed, whether curved, bumped or beaded, uniquely kinky crystal sex toys, stay ultimately smoother and harder to the touch than the majority of plastic or silicone sex toys. If you throw in a little lube, then the hard slickness becomes almost unbearable, even more so when your glass dildo starts to warm up! Free from any nasty toxins or added chemicals, luxuriously unique, glass sex toys are created from high grade borosilicate glass, a durable, dishwasher safe, sturdy material, perfect for sensory play.

I have found that whilst many of you seem to admire our gorgeous glass dildo’s, glass anal plugs, and our other mouth-watering selection of crystal sex toys, Bdsm and bondage gear, you are hesitant to use them. In fact, just for some, the thought of penetrating yourself with a glass object is enough to make you cringe!

Herstory Of The Glass Dildo

Throughout the story of human evolution, our libidos have accounted and accommodated for some pretty spectacular innovations. Why? The desire to satiate our human cravings, thus giving ourselves infinite and explosive possibilities! Invention has enabled us to experience our sensual delights in new and exiting ways. After all, nothing has been more motivating to the collective consciousness, than to ride the wave of an orgasm.

Thus, it may surprise you to discover that the first written account of the use of glass dildos appeared in a playwright’s poke of Christian morals, showing up in multiple texts of the 17th and 18th century. Evidence suggests that, hand blown, hollow glass dildo’s, filled with warm water, were commonly used by Italian Nun’s of that period.

Its appears that glass sex toys disappeared for a while after that, only to reappear in 1915 with Corning Incorporated patenting pyrex glass. Invented over 20 years previously by German chemist Otto Schott in 1893, Pyrex was touted as “an ideal glass for laboratory use”. Still the hardest and least porous form of glass on the market today, low-expansion, borosilicate glass is extremely expensive to manufacture, as it requires an extra-long annealing period and doesn’t fill moulds as easily as other forms of glass.

Why Use A Glass Sex Toy?

When in doubt about choosing a gorgeous glass dildo or glass anal plug, opt for a clear one, or ensure the colours are imbedded within as opposed to being painted on the surface. My own personal favourite is, is “The Sweetheart” acquired from , as the style and proportions are just perfect for some kinky fun and temperature play! Largely considered to be hypoallergenic and toxin free, the sheer artistic beauty of these decadent sex toys, which are also dishwasher safe, ensures a lifetime of satisfaction. Be rest assured, a well-cared for glass dildo will outlast any plastic alternative!

Temperature Play

Glass sex toys are great for temperature play, they are quickly and easily heated up in hot water, simultaneously they can be cooled down in your fridge, freezer, or a bucket of ice for added intense variations. They do heat up according to your bodies temperature, creating a warm, hard, slick sensation! Put simply, the sensory deprivation technique is used (but not exclusively) in Bdsm as well as “Vanilla” foreplay.

Using hot or cold temperatures to stimulate the skin and provoke a reaction in the skins neuroreceptors, temperature play is often combined with blind folds and handcuffs to increase the sensations. Glass sex toys are a great way to stimulate the bodies neuroreceptors. The activation of these receptors creates an intense response which in conjunction with the stimulation, becomes a sexual frenzy. Highlighting the 50 Shades of Grey effect, a recent survey showed that 37% of couples in America admitted to experimenting with Bdsm, whilst worldwide studies highlight only 20% of couples are completely honest when spilling the beans on their bedroom antics. Whilst it might sound scary if never tried before, sensory play is actually quite easy and very sensual (particularly when both hot and cold temperatures are combined and applied unpredictably), it is also a great way to set the mood during foreplay, especially if you blindfold your partner first! Glass dildos are naturals when it comes to temperature play. These specialized, erotic and luxurious sex toys are designed to retain their temperature, allowing you to experiment with warm and cool sensations to your heart’s content. But there are a few things you need to know about glass dildos and temperature play before trying it yourself.

How To Use Your Glass Sex Toy

Prior to using your glass sex toy, wash in WARM soapy water (NEVER HOT). Before you begin, try to leave your glass sex toy at room temperature.

Begin with a little external stimulation by rolling your glass dildo over your body or rubbing it between the palms of your hands. The smooth form such as The Ballpoint works brilliantly on shoulders and backs whilst our collection of textured versions like The Luxuriator Glass Dildo, feel great when rubbed over the clitoris or the shaft of the penis.

Lubricate your glass dildo so it slides in (and out) with ease, the great thing about glass sex toys is that you can use absolutely any lubricant. Once your dildo is inserted, try twisting it slowly to enhance the pleasure. Alternatively, rock back and forth for enhanced stimulation. If it is ribbed or bumpy like The Baton Double Ended Glass Dildo then it will feel absolutely delicious against the vaginal walls or anal canal, producing a gentle, sexual stimulation that will really heat you up..

The safest way to heat up your glass dildo is by leaving it out at room temperature for a few moments to begin with. Then fill a large pan with hot tap water (never boiling water) and submerge your glass dildo for 10 minutes. Once this is done, pour out most of the water until the dildo is only half submerged, then carefully remove it. Always test the temperature of your dildo on your forearm first to prevent any nasty accidents!

Never Put Your Glass Dildo In The Microwave!

Alternatively, you can cool your glass dildo down in a bucket of ice, the fridge or the freezer. Start by letting it acclimatise to your surroundings by leaving it out at room temperature for a little while. Then, move your glass dildo to the fridge, leaving it on a clean, dry shelf. After 10 minutes it should be suitably chilled, but for a more intense sensation, move the dildo from the fridge to the freezer and leave it for a further 20 minutes. Check the temperature on your forearm and make sure any little bits of ice are removed before using it.





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